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Feb 15, 2010
  1. Recently i am using McAfee and it got expired, I have AVG virus protection always on and windows XP firewall enabled. Why do I still get infected with some Trojan horses? I check for updates every day so I am sure I am up to date.Can anyone tell me the best antivirus of 2010.. There are so many on net so it made me confused and drag me here to ask in the forum..
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    My vote goes to Nod32. Scans everything from your computer to each and every email you send/recieve. It's also very light on system requirements and doesn't bog down your computer like McAfee tends to do.

    Eset Website
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    Yes, the user is the first line of protection! I am seeing people say 'Norton let' or it 'got passed AVG'.

    In my opinion, there is no best antivirus program. Some do a better job than others and there are many comparisons on the internet for that.

    There are good free programs, stand alone AV protection. Put that with a good bi-directional firewall and at least 2 antimalware programs for layered protection.

    See This link for a listing of some online & their stand-alone antivirus programs:
    Virus, Spyware, and Malware Protection and Removal Resources
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    On XP, you could be using an ADMIN login to access the Internet - - VERY dangerous!

    Layering is like:
    using a router
    running from an LUA/UAC account
    installing a bidirectional firewall
    and having an A/V product[#]
    and then stacking the deck further with
    Spywareblaster (to control ActiveX components
    updating the host file (to stay away from bad sites)​
    and using FireFox or Opera as your primary browser.

    [#]Personally I like Avast! as it has a component to intercept webpages and deceptive emails.
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    Using Admin to login to Internet

    I am not sure what you mean. My account is the admin account -- I have Windows 7, linksys router, and AVG between me and the Internet. Do you mean that I should have a separate account for admin, and for daily use use another?

    I am using AVG because I read (on techspot) that it was compatible with WIndows 7 beta, so . . .
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    Absolutely!. Use Admin only to perform install, update & maintenance. Use a limited account for everything else. In this way, if an email or website attack gets past your firewall or A/V (and none are perfect), there is limited damage and the system itself will survive.
    Tha's ok; I use Avast!
  9. mfessaru

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    Got it -- makes a lot of sense. I have already set up a separate admin user on all computers.
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