Super Mario Maker 2 adds Zelda's Link as a playable character

Shawn Knight

TechSpot Staff
Staff member

Nintendo on Monday announced a massive update for Super Mario Maker 2 that essentially transforms the title into a whole new game.

The free update adds Link from The Legend of Zelda as a playable character. It’s much more than a cosmetic addition, however, as Link introduces a cornucopia of new moves. For example, you can attack with the sword using conventional swings, a dash attack and a down thrust or protect yourself using the shield.

If something is out of reach, Link’s trusty bow and arrow can help you obtain it. And what would a “Zelda” game be without bombs?

Notably, Link is only available in the Super Mario Bros. game style.

The update also adds new characters and elements like Spike, Pokey, frozen coins, the P block and the dash block. Nintendo has additionally baked in a new mode called Ninja Speedruns that let you compete for the fastest completion time on courses created by the Japanese gaming giant.

Look for Super Mario Maker 2’s latest update to drop on December 5.

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