Super Mario World - Kaizo Edition

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Oct 9, 2008
  1. For anyone who hasn't heard anything about Super Mario World Kaizo Edition it is a brutally difficult remake of the SNES game; Super Mario World. Seriously, the difficulty of this game is unfathomable, it is nothing like any other Mario game. You really do have to play it or witness it to fully understand.
    Because it is a mod of a SNES game it uses a SNES emulator to run so I can't link you to one but a Google search of Kaizo Mario will surely find you something.

    Super Mario World Kaizo Edition Level 1

    I managed to get past this level! After about 2 hours of trying. Whoever can finish this game truly deserves a medal.
  2. mopar man

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    Once again jtickner, a lot like me.

    I have been playing SMW for years, finding a whole lot of hacks a while back. I enjoy Super Demo World: The Legend Continues, and a few others.

    Thanks for the recommendation, I will look into that.
  3. iLag!!!!!

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  4. jtickner1

    jtickner1 Topic Starter

    God, that looks about as cruel, if not worse than some of the levels on Kaizo.
  5. kimsland

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  6. iLag!!!!!

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    Mario Forever and Super Mario Forever are two different things.
    Mario Forever is a fan game I haven't tried yet.
    Super Mario Forever is a rom hack of the original Super Mario Bros which was meant to make you get as mad as Angry German Kid while trying to beat it.
  7. jtickner1

    jtickner1 Topic Starter

    Kaizo is also a ROM hack. There are plenty out there I've discovered thanks to Mopar Man mentioning another one, and yes, they're all bloody hard.
  8. mopar man

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    Np, jtickner, I haven't beaten a one yet, as i got bored quickly of most. XD
  9. SNGX1275

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    The problem is they are made insanely hard. I'll admit I haven't played them, but I've seen lots of youtube videos of people playing. I'm pretty damn good at Super Mario World and if they would make ones just a bit more difficult I'd probably download and play, but it doesn't look fun if its going to take me 3+ tries to get through each level.

    At least the one linked wasn't like some of the Super Mario 1 NES ones I've seen where blocks appear in the path of the most obvious jump over a hole, so you jump like you normally would, hit the hidden block, and fall in the hole. Those aren't even games...
  10. mopar man

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    I think someones scared, SNGX...

    I dunno, I think you're right. I have found some hacks that are a tiny bit harder, you just have to look and download them to see if you like them. I have noticed that about 50% of them are remakes of SMB 1,2, or 3...
  11. SNGX1275

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    Well another thing that keeps me from playing them is the controller. I have a SNES like gamepad, but still, its not the SNES controller. I've played SNES more hours than probably everything after that combined, and I'm very used to that controller's feel. I even have an off brand one for SNES that I bought because I was too cheap to buy a real SNES one after I broke one, I'm definately worse in mario kart with that controller compared to a real one.
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