Svchost.exe  virus

By mrrasheed
Mar 11, 2009
  1. I am running windows xp service pack 3

    A few days ago I downloaded a video and the license to watch it. The video did not work I thought I removed the video and the license. Yesterday morning when I started my computer I got the following messages among others that were similar.

    svchost.exe error 0x75606eb5 reference could not read memory at 0x0000008
    svchost.exe error 0x77d05d37 reference could not read memory at 0x0000000
    svchost.exe error 0x7c910cae reference could not read memory at 0x0000000

    another message popped up from ATI Grphics:
    You do not have permission to change Catalyst control center

    The first remedy I tried was system restore. It told me i was unable to do so. Restart and try again. After several failed attempts I went to:
    Control Panel>Administrative Tools>Services and tried to manually start System restore. It will not start.

    I have had problems with my automatic update for awhile so I have it set to manual because it never downloads the updates anyway. About a week ago I started getting automatic update notices. It did not strike me as odd until these other issues arose. I turned my automatic update back from automatic to manual.

    I tried to download windows defender and when I try to download it you must validate your copy of windows. It will not download the plug-in. In fact it redirects the page to something completely different. I thought this was a fluke but 80% of the time when I click on a link it redirects the page to something completely unrelated. I am also getting pop-ups. I never get pop-ups.

    I downloaded Zonealarm and it will not connect to update definitions. I downloaded super antispyware, it will not run the setup. I have Norton and it will not connect to live update. I read somewhere to try malware bytes, it downloaded and ran the set-up but will not open the program.

    I am running short on ideas.m Please help.
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