Swiftdog problem, please help

By mega2000x
Jul 15, 2009
  1. Hi,I Posted my logs in a previous thread because i had the same Swiftdog problem.
    But i am very worried about this Problem cause i still don't know if it is a virus or real,so please i want someone this problem happened to him before to answer me quickly
  2. shang

    shang TS Rookie

    hmm i got same problem

    i htink its real bullshit. i asked friends they say.... 20 dollars program and they want 250 000$

    and the company have 2 diffrent companys. who sells same products... It sounds wierd.....

    hmm and i don think they will make a so big dela of it.... I hope not. Then i gona kick them out of interent. People i see hijack logs on have thier programs and it showing a trojan. I called my internet company and asked. I said Hmm i downloaded a program. i searched free programs and i have handicap on reading so i just took one. And then itryed some serial because i couldent do anything in the program..... and then just pay 250 000$ sumthing similar..... And the wierd is after al lthey say buy a legal version and u dont need to worry like that. HAHA i told him he laughed and asked did u get any virus after that and i say yes i have. Scanned pc 52 trojans and 13 malware. Note i dont htink all is from this. i never gona download such program again. boost for pc complete scam. Does nothing i think.

    My friend told me they should get blacklisted and kicked out of the internet.....

    Hmmm and on one site i found there they want get money out of people and so on.....

    I have no idea. I hope its not for real though.... then im poor :( lol Hmm no then i will ask them how they can hack people and send malware and stuff, and say i got hacked. Mybe to hack the bank account when u pay them 20 dolalr for the program. Hmm Wonder if some on could black list this company would be so nice. Save all ur logs etc malware and **** follow the 8 step.. Google malware removal techspot. cya m8 cheers let me know how it goes........
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