Synology DiskStation DS2411+ Review: Up to 36TB Storage

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Aug 11, 2011
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  1. Synology's are fantastic. They have some of the best throughput I've ever seen in a NAS.
  2. I've had a synology for a couple years and it is wonderful. Was originally looking at a 5 bay system to expand my system but a 12 bay is intriguing :)
  3. Be aware however when buying something like this that you are buying proprietary hardware....

    I recently had the unfortunate experience of having a Thecus N7700 motherboard go bad on me (after 28 months) and whilst i knew it was out of its warranty period what i didnt realise is that to replace the motherboard would be a $395 fee.

    Yep you got that..... $395

    Almost 50% of the original cost of the unit to replace a part that unfortunately couldn't be sourced from anywhere else.......

    Because this motherboard is proprietary i was basically stuck with no other option but to pay the fee to get my data out of the N7700 drives and onto a non propriatery Server 2008 Raid 6 based system where if a motherboard goes it can be replaced with any off the shelf motherboard no problems.

    Dean Collins
  4. You know, just about any standalone storage you have is "proprietary". You should follow best practices with your data which means back it up... if you had invested $395 into a tape drive or some other storage that would keep your data backed up, you would have had a better investment.

    Using a server or workstation for storage / NAS is a different animal and one most don't prefer as its power and maintenence requirements are a bit more involved than a standalone NAS.
  5. Nice review on this device.

    I do however find something missing: RAID-6 performance.

    Users wanting a single volume for mass-storage will never use this device to create a 12-disk RAID-5. Imo they will/should always opt for RAID-6.

    Any chance this could still be added?
  6. The above message is spot on, Raid 6 is a must on a 12 bay system.Also what is the noise level like the only thing you did not mention.
  7. Great question on the noise. As an owner of a ds2411+ I can tell you it's incredibly quiet. We are a video production company and are moving from locally attached drobos to this. I had to get on my knees and put my ear to it to hear it. Really nice!
  8. I would like to know how the 6Gb ISO file upload and download speed is calculated? How many clients are used to measure the upload and download speed? Single client won't get anything more than 125Mb/s regardless of Link Aggregation if not mistaken.
  9. I own both the DS1511+ with the side-car DX510 and the DS2411+. I can tell you that the choice of drives makes a very significance in performance. I have tried WD Green, Black, and RE4 drives in my Synology systems. I have WD Green 7200 drives in the DS1511+DX510. I have run them in RAID 5 & RAID 6 Configs. The DS2411+ with 10 RE4 2TB HDDs is significantly faster in mixed file size writes and reads than the DS1511 with 10 Green 7200 2TB drives. Both systems are on the same network and are using connected using a 1Gb managed switch with link aggregation. I've used both workstations and server traffic to the NAS systems for comparison. I've not recorded the data but it appears that the RE4 drives to make a ~10 to 15% difference in performance in the 10 drive RAID 6 configurations. Your milage will almost certainly vary.
  10. Just wanted to comment on the reviewer saying 7200rpm drives would be desirable with this system.

    In my (not so) humble opinion, he couldn't have been more wrong.

    Even with a few drives you'll quickly saturate the Gbit interfaces no matter if you're running linkagg (lacp/802.3ad) or not.

    Any user with this system would be much better of with the 'green' drives of these days.. rpm as low as you can get them. Saves you on cost of the drives, cost of electricity to run your system, noise from the drives, ... And on top of that all.. low rpm drives have less stresses and hence chance of failing.

    If you want speed.. get SSD's.
    If you want storage, get low rpm disks
    7200 rpm drives.. meh, for a locally attached storage perhaps.
  11. Steve

    Steve TechSpot Editor Posts: 2,868   +2,035

    That's fine if you are only copying large multiple gigabyte files. Not at all true for small files.

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