System wont start sometimes question

By andy06shake
Jul 13, 2009
  1. For some time now every now and then when i start up my system in the morning the bios(1701) refuses to post and i am forced to restart the rig around 5-10 times before the bios(1701) will post and i can boot Vista. Also if i reset the bios(Remove the battery or by jumper) the system posts the bios and then prompts me with "USB Over Current Detected System will Restart in 15 Seconds". I can get round this by turning of the error reporting in the bios and then rebooting the system, then everything works fine, stable for days. Can anyone tell me if the problem with the system posting the bios is a power related issue? The PSU i am now using is only a Trust 570W Generis PSU. Or could it be the USB Over Current detected that is causing my rig not to start/post bios? I am installing a Corsair 650W PSU tomorow along with a new GTX275 GFX card and hope this will disapeer the problems. Any/all help welcome. My specs(Current) E8500 3.16Ghz, ASUS P5N32-E SLI, ASUS EN9600GT, 4Gb DDR2 677Mhz, Trust 570W PSU,Artic Frezzer Pro 7 fan.
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    I am pretty sure that... on this issue, your internal PSU is largely irrelevant.
    It is the usb standard... which exists for the protection of your hardware.

    The USB Standard defines how much current may be available to any given USB port... (I believe in .1a, or 100ma increments, up to 500ma). If your USB peripherals are drawing more than the 500ma off of one port, this could cause your error.

    (imho) It would be smart, in any case, to use a wall wart (on a ups!) to power each of your usb drives, for the protection of your data.
  3. andy06shake

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    Even when i unplug all the USB devices from the system i still get prompted USB Over Current Detected, unless i turn off the error reporting. My system runs stable for days. Im more worried about the bios not posting after a cold restart(If i have the PC turned off for more than 5-6 hours). What coluld be causing this? Is it power related because after about 5-10 atempts(Holding power button for 5 secs) the system does post the bios and then starts fine. Can it be mu PSU?
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    look in your mobo manual, try resetting the cmos battery. It should reset all your setting in the bios.
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