T-Mobile's revamped Pay as You Go plan offers a flat rate of $0.10/minute or message, adds data

  1. T-mobile announced yesterday that it will soon launch a simplified Pay as You Go plan that offers a flat rate for calls and texts, as well as the option to purchase 4G LTE data passes.

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  2. ikesmasher

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    I reread what it said several times and im still confused. is 3$ a flatfee and you add whatever you use to that?

    also I find those data passes laughable...
  3. So if you use your cell phone like a you would on any other plan from Verizon, Sprint, or Att, you'll likely end up with a similar bill. You can get 4 gigs of data in a month, and that will cost you 40 bucks. Then you'll likely end up using your phone for at least two hours per month, so add another 12 bucks on that, and how many texts are you going to use? Add another 20 bucks on that. You're still looking at a 60 to 80 dollar bill if you use your phone like anyone else does.

    I guess you could possibly save some money if you had a really good strategy. Never answer phone calls, or make phone calls if possible. Use as little voice minutes as possible. Also, use a text messaging app instead of the texting on your phone so that it uses data instead of text charges. Then make sure that you don't use 3g/4g whenever you can, stick to your home wifi, or other wifi connections to do the bulk of your data usage.

    If you don't do all this crap, you end up with a comparable bill to any other service out there. And if that's the case, why not just go with a plan and get unlimited data from Sprint and not have to worry about all the nonsense? I generally like where T-mobile is going, and how they approach things, but this pay as you go plan is bullsh*t.

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