Team VVV releases 7 minutes worth of Project Cars gameplay

Russ Boswell

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The folks behind upcoming racer Project Cars recently released a slew of incredible screenshots, and now we're getting some video courtesy of Veni Vidi Vici. Team VVV put together a little over 7 minutes worth of gameplay, complete with some...

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No, really, show the game footage!

That looks fantastic. And knowing that it's all compressed and color munched by streaming video it'll look even better in person.


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I would like to see a comparison later on of the graphics controllers on console vs the pc at max... I would imagine the consoles version will still look like cardboard cutouts on the consoles. Basically this will just look like another for a without the hardware to run it nicely.


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It looks really nice and although I can't really see the crowd, I'll have to take their word for it. The car looks like a right handful with it's loose front end.
Apart from GTA V on PC, it's the only game I've recently seen that I'd take an interest in.


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Looks great, except maybe smoke. But too me NFS Rivals looks good, Forza 5 and other newest racing games, it's still gameplay what it's all about.


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What I'm the most impressed about is that both of the side mirror are actually showing you what is behind you. That means that they are basically rendering the scene three different times per frame while maintaining that level of visual fidelity.


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Looks a LOT like SHIFT 2 I think... I loved that game. The only thing I want to see an option for which I didn't see in this video was 1:1 steering ratio. If my wheel has 900 degrees I want to use all of it and I want it to accurately work the same in the game.