Tech giants pledge millions to help prevent another Heartbleed

Himanshu Arora

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The who's who of tech companies have agreed to donate millions of dollars to help key, yet under-funded open source projects in the wake of the recent Heartbleed bug crisis. According to ArsTechnica, companies like Amazon, Cisco Systems, Facebook, Google,...

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All it really took was, having a huge security flaw to wake the companies up. If they actually really thought about it, this might have been caught before it got to the public. It's like Sony and various other companies, you need a breach to remind you your security is flawed. Even if nothing really happened to various companies, it still doesn't mean something didn't in all this time. Just they only took the time to actually look, because of the widespread panic of people worried about their accounts or websites.


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$2000 a year in donations to openSSL are you serious??? No wonder it happened thats pathetic when you think about it thats like what 1months wages for 1 programmer....
More like half a month of salary of a junior developer... and not including health insurance.


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I don't get this heartbleed story, I understand that it's a hole in OpenSSL that can be used for hackers to steal stuff, but when they say "to prevent another heartbleed", what actually happened?

Also, if they didn't fix this hole for such a long time, maybe it was made by someone on purpose, just a thought.