Teens react to kids' educational guide to the Internet from the '90s

By Shawn Knight · 5 replies
Jun 3, 2014
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  1. A kids' instructional guide to the Internet from the ‘90s went viral a few years back. The 27-minute clip, produced by HomeTown Television, was a comedic gold mine filled with poor acting, outdated technology and virtually every ‘90s stereotype rolled into...

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  2. Still waiting for:
    "Teens react to stimulation by electro-shockers from the '90s"

    how is #Teens #Kids react to #insertstuffhere from the '90s related to tech news?
  3. Oh Yes those speedy 300 baud days on my westridge 300..Getting on BBS's and then 1670 commodore autoconnect modem for 1200, then US robotics modems..Email AOL,Netscape,Walled garden's galore.Hit this button for the internet... Fun days..
  4. I had a 110 baud teletype connected to a PDP-11 mini-computer. (Quite normal.)

    When the micro-computer came along, a newspaper reporter came around to photograph me using it. (It will never catch on.)
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  5. nirvanafr3ak

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    I love how they're making fun of the video for explaining what was then internet and computing basics yet what when they're asked about the simplest questions you know now they're all baffled. How can you not have a basic idea of what a modem is?
  6. I'm with you.These kids are trained to take things for granted, without thinking or asking questions... iHope one day they will discover a wider kozmos than iShit or Groogle...

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