Tesla delivered over 83,000 vehicles during Q3 2018


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Despite the controversy Tesla (and its CEO) has found itself mired in as of late, the company itself seems to be performing better than ever. According to production numbers released by Tesla today, it managed to ship out around 83,500 vehicles during the third quarter of 2018.

On average, that means the company delivered roughly 27,830 vehicles per month, or about 7,000 vehicles per week.

As far as specifics go, a whopping 55,480 of Tesla's total vehicle deliveries were Model 3s, which represents significant progress towards the company's goal of delivering 5,000 vehicles per week.

It does fall slightly short, though; on average, Tesla shipped closer to 4,600 Model 3s every week during Q3 2018. However, the company claims it delivered 5,300 Model 3 during the last week of the quarter.

While the Model 3s are arguably the "main event" given their mass-market appeal and lower price tag, Tesla's more expensive Model S sedan and Model X SUV both boast respectable numbers as well. The electric carmaker delivered 14,470 of the former, and 13,190 of the latter.

As Ars Technica notes, whether or not these delivery numbers will be enough for Tesla to to become cashflow positive remains to be seen.

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One step at a time, Tesla is making U.S. car manufacturing competitive again, for sedans anyway. We've had the pickup truck and SUV markets down pat for a while now but those could use an electric upgrade too.


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