Test drive unlimited issues

By resu
Dec 4, 2007
  1. hi,

    can this game actually run well!!??

    anyway i installed the game ... and i loaded it up to play .. when i got into the game all i could see was peoples eye balls etc so
    i went on a search and found the latest patch :D
    installed and it and the game worked fine for two/three weeks

    i tried to play it last night and all was going well.. i thought id test drive an enzo . as i was ripping up the streets the game suddenly crashed
    i went to task manager closed it down and loaded it up again to carry on playing .. this time i was in my alfa GT just exploring new areas
    and it crashed again

    now it seems that it will crash all the time ... its starting to piss me off now

    i uninstalled the game and cleared its registry entry and rebooted my computer
    i also deleted my save games :(

    and i reinstalled TDU .. i started a new game and got to the stage where i have to select a car to rent ... i slected a car and the game crashed when saving

    restarted the game and i was able to drive about for a while but eventually the game crashed again!!

    can anyone help me on this

    i know that TDU will crash if it senses virtual drive managers like deamon tools and my system is clear of them so that can be it

    my system specs are :

    athlon 3400x2 64
    2gb ram
    7600gs 256 agp card
    1x320gb hdd

    my "rig" can run the game fine with exeption of the HDR setting ...

    thanks in advance
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