The new Family Friendly section is now live on Google Play

By Justin Kahn
Jun 9, 2015
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  1. [parsehtml]<p><img alt="google play family friendly " src="" /></p> <p>Last month at <a href=";cof=FORID%3A11&amp;ie=ISO-8859-1&amp;q=Family+FRiendly">I/O</a>, Google announced a new Family Friendly approach to Google Play including age specific ratings, a family appropriate designation, as well as a series of new highlighted sections. That is <a href="">now rolling out</a> on Google Play on the web and Android devices, with Family sections popping up in just about every category including apps, movies, TV shows, books and more.</p> <p>Inside of the Family Friendly apps and games section, Google has laid out some handy quick links for parents in the drop down menu. You&rsquo;ll find everything from age based categories, as well as break-downs by genre, like action, adventure, arcade, card etc. In fact, there is an entire page with some editor selected titles, and apps categorized by popular children&rsquo;s characters and franchises like Elmo, Dora the Explorer, Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles, Disney, LEGO and more.</p> <p>Much of the same applies to the Movies &amp; TV and Books categories, where you&rsquo;ll find a new star designation to indicate whether Google deems the content family friendly or not. Region specific ratings still apply throughout. There is also a new IAP protocol in place that requires a password to be used on any family friendly content, whether your account is setup for one or not.</p> <p>You should be seeing the new Family sections on your devices now, and be sure to head over to Google&#39;s support page for more detials.</p><p><a rel='alternate' href='' target='_blank'>Permalink to story.</a></p><p class='permalink'><a rel='alternate' href=''></a></p>[/parsehtml]

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