The percentage of Steam users with VR headsets doubled during 2018


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UploadVR has chronicled PC VR's growth over time and using data gathered from said hardware surveys, the outlet was able to determine that the percentage of Steam users with VR headsets has more than doubled over the past year from around .4 percent to .8 percent.

Obviously, these numbers are small in the grand scheme of things, and it's clear that VR isn't the smash hit many hoped it would be. However, as cheaper headset models launch and better VR games hit the market, the industry will likely continue to grow (slowly).

It's also worth pointing out that percentages can be misleading. As PC Gamer notes, if Valve's previous claims that it has around 90 million active users are still accurate, the VR-equipped portion of that userbase would be roughly 720,000 people, up from 2017's 360,000.

It's not clear why 2018 was the year that VR grew so substantially (relatively speaking), but if we had to guess, the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift's late 2017 price drops were probably the main culprits.

Both devices used to cost around $800, but now, the Rift comes in at $400 and the Vive costs about $500.

That's still a lot of money, and true mainstream adoption probably won't happen until the price lowers by another $200 (or a cheaper mid-range device fills the void) across the board, but it definitely opens VR gaming up to a much wider audience. With a little luck, that audience will continue to grow in 2019.

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The Rift was $350 on black friday and VR ready cards could be had for $120 or less. If anything the price is likely a big driving factor.


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Wow...that's incredible! A total of SIX people are now using VR devices! :p
And I am one of them! I bought my Samsung Odyssey+ during the Black Friday deal and it's a total blast. Beat Saber alone is an exquisite product, and there's quite a few other great games. While VR is still far from a mainstream product, it's getting closer and closer, and the there's quite a few great titles to choose from. The hardware is also getting cheaper and better. I think it'll take a few more years of slow but steady grow before it really becomes a standalone, mainstream software platform, but it's not pricy and lacking early adopter stuff anymore.

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There are so many applications over and above gaming (not putting down gamers, I'm one too) but the market just doesn't seem to pick up on it. Training on a wide variety of topics from aircraft flight to micro-surgery. When it does take hold it will benefit the users a lot. Even simple stuff like driver training or assembly line type applications save their prospective companies a lot of $$ and eliminate damages to equipment, etc. via the virtual atmosphere. Strangely, we haven't heard or seen anything like that from the porn industry .... remember old lusty linda? It's out there, they just have to put their minds (and other appendages) to it!

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I suspect a large number of VR users are PlayStation VR users... which obviously won't be included in any Steam surveys...

The flaw with VR for me is that it generally promotes 1-player or solo apps/games... My only point of having a console was to play multi-player games locally.... which, as yet, is impossible on a console with VR (you can play asymmetrically with 1 VR and controllers, but it's not the same).

Once it's feasible to produce hardware and VR headsets that are cheap and allow for multiplayer local VR, lots more people will jump on board.