The Sims 2 Directx 9.0?

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Jun 23, 2008
  1. hi i just have purchased the sims 2 double deluxe package and downloaded it on my computer and i tried to run it but it says: failed to find any directx 9.0 compatible graphics adapters in this system! please make sure you have directx 9.0 compatible graphics adapter and have installed the lastest drivers provided by manufactor. but im pretty sure i have directx 9.0 but the message stills comes up i have been tring all day and its really gettin irrating now because i just want my game to work gosh!:confused:
  2. mailpup

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    You misread the error message. It isn't saying you lack DirectX 9.0c. It says you lack a graphics adapter that is compatible with DirectX 9.0c. That usually means you have an onboard (built in) graphics chip that isn't supported by the game. You would have to install a compatible graphics card.
  3. zipperman

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  4. bofussbabe

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    directx 9.0 the sims 2

    thanks so much for repyinh but here is some of my computer info i hope you can help! system memory Ram 1.68 gb of ram Processor speed is spu 2.16GHZ direct x version 9.0c! i hope you can help!
  5. bofussbabe

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    oh yea i have a amd athlon xp windows xp home edition
  6. zipperman

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    Just 1 for a start

    You indicate then that you installed sims 2 according to directions and meet all
    the system qualifications.
    What SP do you have ?
    See if theres a Patch you can download or it might be on the sims cd.
    Can you post the error message snapshot ?
    ********************** But you still havn't named your graphics adapter *****************
    Meaning Video Card.It might not be a DX9 card.
    Did you do this,or just guess.Go to the website for update.
    Do a dxdiag video test or i quit.
  7. zipperman

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    System Specs

    See that blue "system specs " on my posts ? Add yours to your profile.
  8. Obi-Wan Jerkobi

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    Download THIS and run it. It should show you your graphics card make & model. Then tell us what it says the name is of the Graphics card.
  9. bofussbabe

    bofussbabe TS Rookie Topic Starter

    hello i downloaded the tech power up gpu-z o 5.2.4. and it said unknown name gpu unknown shaders unfied pixel fillrate gpixels texture fillrate gtexel/s bus width bit memory size mb band width gb/s gpu clock mhz memory mhz defult clock mhz and memory mhz... the way it looks to me that my video card isnt identified but on this same computer i have had this game and it worked but i had to wipe my computer like a week ago and now it doesnt? so i know my computer can run it i just dont know why it would do this after i cleaned it?...... But thanks for helping me i appreciate it so much!
  10. mailpup

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    I think it would have been better if you shared this bit of information before.

    When you say you installed the latest drivers provided by the manufacturer, were these the motherboard chipset, audio, graphics, etc.?
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