The smartwatch industry is now 27 percent bigger than it was a year ago


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In brief: The smartwatch market is now 27 percent larger than it was a year ago, mostly thanks to strong demand for sub-$100 models. Apple, meanwhile, has crossed the 100 million milestone, but its leadership is eroding as brands like Samsung, Garmin, and Chinese companies making budget smartwatches are slowly gaining ground.

The latest report from Counterpoint Research is in, painting what has now become a familiar picture of the smartwatch market where the Apple Watch leads the pack, along with a few signs of positive change in the Wear OS land.

Global smartwatch shipments for the second quarter of this year showed a healthy 27 percent year-over-year increase, showing that appetite for wearables has improved as Covid-19-related restrictions eased. The Apple Watch accounted for a slightly smaller (28 percent) share of the total shipments volume when compared to the same quarter of last year, but at the same time its user base has grown to more than 100 million.

Huawei still holds the second place among global smartwatch brands, but its market share has shrunk by 29 percent compared to last year, following the same trajectory as its smartphone business as a result of US sanctions reducing the Chinese company's ability to secure essential components and software licenses.

Samsung has climbed to third and is now in the best position to benefit from Huawei's decline. The Korean giant's Galaxy Watch line now accounts for 7.6 percent of total shipments, and this number is expected to increase as a result of renewed interest shown for the Galaxy Watch4 that was unveiled earlier this month.

Surprisingly, the fastest-growing brand was Garmin, which now accounts for 5.8 percent of smartwatch shipments, a 60 percent year-over-year increase. Budget smartwatches in the sub-$100 price category sold over five times better this year, but the five top-selling models globally were the Apple Watch Series 6, Apple Watch Series 3, Apple Watch SE, Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2, and the Imoo Z6-4G.

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The 1TB iPhone 13 Pro Max will be the last piece of tech I buy for a while. But I don't see myself upgrading from my Applewatch 6 to the 7. I can wait few years.


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I'm interested in a soywatch but I don't know much about it. The one in the middle of that pic looks nice.


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Not for me - I can understand for health , fitness etc ( I hate watches , jewelry full stop ).
These are just the intermediate stage to digital implants .
The connected world - yeah that can jump in the lake.

It must be horrendous folks on multiple media sites getting endless notifications on their phone, watches - makes me want to vomit ( for myself - they can do as they like - not sure it makes them happy though )
Sold my business - so don't need a phone for that - family man so still do - otherwise would just need it for maps gps , flashlight backup, weather, emergency if I was out in nature - even then would be in turned off - but not in backpack - as an emergency item in your backpack is a few % less effective - it it washes down river etc


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I might get one again when there’s one that looks like a watch. Not interested in anything that looks like a fitness band, which includes the Apple Block.


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I didn't get one until 2018. The only reason I upgraded from the Gear 3 Frontier, to the Galaxy3 was Samsung had a buy back deal on the 3, because the 4 was coming out and it brought the price down under 200 buck. I won't pay 300-600 bucks for a smartwatch.

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I have had a couple "smart watches" but haven't found anything that my cell phone can't do. Like a LOT OF Diabetic's, I'm still waiting for Apple to start selling the LONG AGO PROMISED watch that will track sugar levels. Cook has been wearing one of their experimental units for a long time. Is he stupid, stingy, or is the thing a piece of junk that won't sell??? His time at Apple has long since passed, he needs to take the hint!