'The Walking Dead' game trailer released, first episode coming in April

Shawn Knight

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Fresh off the success of AMC’s hit television show ‘The Walking Dead’ which was inspired by Robert Kirkman’s award winning comic series, Telltale Games has released a trailer for their…

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OMFG Cant wait to play it!! Atleast till L4D3 comes out. Got to love those "sticky" moral quagmires a game like this will force you to endure.


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I swore I'd never pre-order another game after all the bad releases recently, but going back on my own promise for this one. I LOVE "The Walking Dead" - both the comics and the TV series. :)


This game is awesome! It's NOT A SHOOTER or an FPS.
It's a story-driven adventure, with focus on characters and choices (yes, you need to make important choices even life/death ones!).
It's something like Heavy Rain!

Julio Franco

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Having only watched the first season of The Walking Dead...

L4D = The Walking Dead (but on the TV) = Lost (but with zombies)


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I've only watched the TV Series but would love to get my hands on the Comics.

Looks like I'll be preordering it.


Trust me when I say TellTale games does a incredibly amazing job of turning much loved Movies, TV shows and Books into something awesome....

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