This Bloodborne PC 'demake' will take you back to the PSX era

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In a nutshell: In a gaming era of virtually uncountable remakes and remasters, it stands out when someone comes along with a demake of a popular game. One clever developer just released a Bloodborne port for PC that devolves the game to PlayStation One era graphics. Despite how that sounds, the game looks quite good.

Launched in 2015 on the PlayStation 4, Bloodborne is probably best known for being grade-A difficult. That fact should be no surprise since it is a Hidetaka Miyazaki game and lies spiritually within the Souls franchise. It was well-received by critics and fans, with some saying it was even better than the other games in the Souls series.

Six years later, in January 2021, game developer Lilith Walther began porting Bloodborne to Windows, but with a twist. She made the game into something that would feel right at home on a first-generation PlayStation. She finally released "BloodbornePSX" to the world on Monday. The game is available for free on

Walther does not list system requirements for Bloodborne, only that it runs on "Windows." However, it'll probably run on a potato since it's a demake. It's also not the entire game. It includes parts of the early levels and 10 Hunter weapons. She even programmed in some cheat codes.

It's an ironic release since Bluepoint is reportedly working on a Bloodborne remaster for the PS5. Check it out before Sony or FromSoftware tell her to take it down.

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Cool. So they can skip the C&D step and go ahead with a copyright infringement lawsuit.
They'll probably still do C&D, the remakers will pull the game, but filesharing networks will ensure it stays out there.

If copyright lawsuits do become issue in such scenarios then remakers can just skip straight to filesharing network release.


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Where else must a budding developer begin?

Could have been a better idea to create a clone with minor changes in characters and set. Buy you some time while lawyers try to masticate on whether there's a violation or not