This forked version of Android plays nice with x86 hardware (and it's free)

By Shawn Knight
Jan 8, 2016
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  1. The idea of using Android in a traditional desktop sense isn't new. I reviewed Acer's TA272 HUL back in April 2014, an all-in-one desktop running Android (that also doubled as a standard monitor for any PC). The idea wasn't a bad one but the implementation needed a lot of work.

    At its heart, it was in fact a mobile device running on mobile hardware which meant it behaved like a smartphone or tablet would. This meant websites treated it as a mobile device (rather than taking advantage of the large display) and the interface needed a lot of optimization to make it feel like it belonged on a desktop.

    Remix OS from Jide doesn't appear to suffer from those same pain points.

    Unveiled at CES, Remix OS is forked version of Android Lollipop designed specifically to play nice with x86 hardware. Best yet, it's said to look and feel like a true desktop OS. The Verge scoped it out during CES and noted the presence of a start menu, a notification tray and even the ability to right-click. And because it's Android at the core, Google's full mobile app ecosystem is on tap. Apps, by the way, can be run in individual windows or full screen and a version of Remix OS based on Android Marshmallow is in the pipeline.

    Those wanting to try the alpha version can download it free of charge from January 12.

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  2. psycros

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    If Microsoft isn't worried yet, they should be. Google is going to sit back, watch and wait..all the while developing their own x86 "Chromedroid" hybrid. Around the end of the first quarter when Microsoft can no longer disguise the failure of Windows 10 we'll probably start getting hints of what's to come.
  3. H3llion

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    W10 isn't a failure tho. You are right, it's basically Kodak vs Digital Cameras, Intel vs AMD all over again (when Intel snoozed and AMD thrived). However people have said previously that M$ will be gone by this time (a decade/two ago) and that Linux will be the King of the Hill, well that hasn't happened.

    I can see Google overtaking. Desktops are becoming productive (development, creative content creation) and home entertainment systems (PC Gaming) yet M$ forgets to acknowledge that and somewhat they still do not push it as the primary selling point/focus. Just look at DirectX/OpenGL and the DRMs and what not.

    I know, before anyone says it, it's not all about Gaming/Content Creation as there is the average Joe still laying about using Wind0ze. That being said, most "Average Joes" are switching to Mobiles/Tablets for all their Internet/Media consumption. Oh and also Schools/Large business, but they are still using WIN7 or even XP in some cases.

    So this comes down to, Gaming/Content Creation is the future of Desktop, the average tasks are all accomplished with Mobile Phones and Tablets leaving Desktops as the Work Horse for the Professional and "REAL" Momentariness areas.

    On Topic, I can finally drop Bluestacks I guess :D
  4. Seph_

    Seph_ TS Rookie

    What about drivers?

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