This is what my 480W PSU can run

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May 8, 2008
  1. Hello,

    I built a PC recently with a 480W psu (one from a previous build). And it happily runs:

    Asus P5K Premium
    1 x Intel q6600 @ 2.9GHZ (defualt vcore)
    4 x 1GB Crucail Ballistix @ 980MHZ (from 800MHZ)
    1 x 8800GTX BFG OC2
    4 x 7200RMP hard discs
    1 x DVD-RW
    4 x 120MM case fans

    Just thought I would share that with you! As a lot of people seem to be buying the 580W, 700W, 1000W psus!

    I hope someone finds this useful wehn costing there next PC.


    P.S= The psu is an Antec Truepower 2.0 480W, with 28A on the 12V+
  2. SNGX1275

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    Yeh, a few of us have been trying to prevent people from poor PSU decisions but the problem is all over the web you find people blaming under powered PSUs and far exaggerating the requirements of hardware. My entire rig under full load pulls less than 250W from the wall. (specs top right of this post)
  3. gamingguy27

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    Yea exactly, as long as yout PSU is a decent make you can't go far wrong.

    My 480W is around 2 years old as well, so it's actual power output is probably only around 380-400W.

  4. rmdl51

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  5. Acclamator

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    Although you are correct I think it is always good to go FAR beyond what it required. My system pulls about 340W, and I have a 630W PSU. I'd go higher if my budget would allow it.

    Oh yeah and I think anything above 800W is overkill, we don't even know if they can even supply that much power.
  6. kpo6969

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    Just keep an eye out if you run into issues, since you're running a Q6600 also.
    The 500w Basic has 27amps
    The 500w Earthwatts has 34amps
  7. Bruce2

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    I would put a ? behind the Antec on this statement. It has been going south for while.

    Gamingguy27, lots of people told me I am stretched but I thought I have some more room left; wait till they see yours, lol. However, I would really keep my eyes on that Antec if I were you. Make sure it is dust free and the fan working smoothly.
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