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  1. I was one of those people who skipped on the Wii and still don't own one and don't plan on owning one. I played it a few times with my friends over their house. A console in which they rarely played. That was one of my first signs that the console wasn't all that great. That was in the beginning, however. I played the Wii a-lot more over my gfs house(It was her Bros Wii) and played it still only once in awhile. While the system wasn't all that great, it was fun for us to get together to play at parties we had over there.

    The Wii U, Wii's sequel has that reputation to go with. Yeah it sold like 150+ million consoles, but numbers don't say it was good. Wii's gimmick was its motion controller. Which quite frankly I laughed and mocked in the beginning. After using I thought it wasn't such a bad idea, and had fun using it. I find myself once again mocking the Wii U's gimmick of the tablet screen controller. My first impression is it's heavy, which imply's it's annoying to hold, and worst off extremely expensive. Meaning I'll probably only ever have one. So if friends do come over to "party" like they did with the wii, only one person is actually enjoying the Wii U experience.

    The Wii itself is kinda expensive at $300+ which doesn't do it much good in against 360 and PS3 which bought go for around $250. Yeah they're both old, but there both also going strong. With GTA V on the way, it still shows these consoles got juice left. The Wii U is at a middle grown between PS3/360 and PS4/720. Meaning if you can't wait its perfect, run out and you have something new to try and if you can wait you may as well do that. Standing where it is right now I'm a big mario fan(I grew up with it) and Nintendo in general. I never owned a DS but I do own a 3ds. I don't consider myself a casual gamer by any means, and tablet games seem so worthless...and un-gamerlike. That being said, the Wii U has nothing to appeal to me besides its games. 3ds extremely lacks games, and is something holding it back. Wii U as of right now has some games, but not a variety worth spending the money for. I would like a good reason to get it. Im a gamer, I like all games regardless of console. Wii U must have good games and I wouldn't, in my own personal opinion recommend shelling out money on it just yet. Knowing Nintendo, they will reduce the price so waiting gives you a double bonus. They are losing money on each console but to me that means nothing. If they get some really good games and keep that flow Wii U would be a great purchase. I liked the gamecube; super mario sunshine was a pretty good game, and to me Wii U is kinda a sequel to more the gamecube then the Wii, tho it holds its name.

    At a lower price point the Wii U can be a better bargain in this market. It really needs better titles to get it going, as of right now we are getting the same thing Mario 2 this, and Mickey 3 that...They need to be original and take risks. N64 was in my personal opinion the greatest console of all time because of many reasons, but mainly because its lineup of games spanned the entire board, from No Mercy, to Mario party they really did have a good variety that appealed to all. They were original and not NES remake 3d revised. The Wii U must do that to. Anyone can go out today and buy a ps3 and still find a game they like of them. Having only casual games, or games that appeal mostly to kids is going to lead the Wii U to the super bargain bin. The Wii U can succeed and be great even if the gimmick tablet controller isn't good, if the games are right.

    I'd like to hear your thoughts or comments on the Wii U.
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    I think augmented reality is going to be the major selling point of the wii u.

    Walking around your house shooting yoshis popping up from behind the sofa ect, Annotations popping up around common household items, faces, ect..

    Yoshi wont be harmed of course, this is nintendo :)
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