Ticking noise at startup

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Mar 29, 2010
  1. Just built a new rig about a week ago. Unfortunately at first power up I got a spark and a popping noise. Immediately shut down the PC and checked all the connections and only thing I could see that may have caused it were the unused plugs on the PSU being too close to the PSU. I moved them further away from the PSU and wire tied them down and started up again. PC started up fine and was able to load the OS and all the other goodies. The one thing that sounded different was at start up there was a ticking noise coming from the PC that sounds like it comes from the PSU and this noise does go away as it warms up. PC seems to be running perfectly but would like opinions as to what this may be.
  2. Txontirey

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    My PC Had That too!

    well, from what i've noticed, its the fan. the fan's motor is choppy and "kicks" so thats the ticking noise. My laptop had a ticking noise from the fan after I dropped it once.
  3. Txontirey

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    And it goes away

    oh... and you said it goes away after some time... the fan speeds up, so the ticking noise goes away. and the spark and popping could be caused by the fan's motor being jammed.
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    The CPU fans wires could be barely touching the CPU fan
  5. Txontirey

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    If the CPU fans wires were touching, the angle of the fan blades will draw the wires into the fan and cut the wires(do i have to get into trigonometry?:)). Then the fan wouldn't work at all.
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