Tip: Get more accurate CPU usage data using Process Explorer vs. Task Manager

By LookinAround
Oct 17, 2011
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  1. Tip: Use Process Explorer to see more accurate and detailed CPU usage info

    Most everyone is familiar with Windows Task Manager. Most have also used it to try and learn more about process CPU usage on their machine. But here's a tip for geeks, purists and those who want more accurate and helpful CPU usage data: Use Process Explorer (PE) instead!

    • Unlike Task Manager, PE also shows you how much CPU time Windows spends servicing Interrupts and DPCs (These represent hardware and driver activity on your machine). Continuous high levels of interrupts and DPCs may flag hardware / driver problems
    • Plus, i just found this interesting read (below) that describes why PE is more accurate then Task Manager and thought I'd pass it along
    • Here's a couple threads which include screen shots and real life examples of how useful PE can be!
      > Services.exe takes up 30% of my CPU
      > Horribly slow boot time on XP Professional -- no viruses, good maintenance

  2. medo997

    medo997 TS Rookie

    i guess it's a virus
  3. medo997

    medo997 TS Rookie

    or the fan has a problem
  4. medo997

    medo997 TS Rookie

    i guess u should google norton 360 v5

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