'Titanfall' moves to open beta for Xbox One and PC gamers

Shawn Knight

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EA and Respawn Entertainment opened the registration process for the beta of Titanfall on the PC and Xbox One last week. I've talked with a couple of people since then that were concerned about not being selected for the beta...

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This should put a smile on the faces of those who are interested in this game but why am I not surprised there were server issues? The game is published by EA after all and this is probably the first of many things to go wrong for the players.


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Its a cool game, im liking the beta so far (I went for the Xbox ONE beta, not sure which platform im getting Titalfall on though yet). I didn't DL it on Friday so I didn't see the issues but so far the game works pretty well as far as im concerned and its pretty cool. Curious if there will be much (If at all) a difference in detail between the Xbox ONE variant and PC because I may go ahead and just snatch it for the console because I like the feeling of the controller on this game.


I got into the Beta on Friday.
Started playing once the server issues were resolved. I expected to be disappointing since there was so much Hype about the game. I was pleasantly surprised; the hype is real. If anything I found the game to be even better than expected.
Only had a slight graphical glitch maybe 1/10 matches in the first day. Since then I've had no bugs whatsoever.
Great game; went and bought it instead of BF4 Premium.


If you have a powerful PC+graphics card(s) with a (or multiple) monitors that exceed HD then there is NO WAY X-Box One will match it in graphics, period.


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This is one of the few multiplayer games that I like. The game is frantic and offers differing styles. Playing as a traditional FPS will get you killed quite a bit, especially if you're trying to take on a Titan. I only tried the Attrition Mode (standard PvP mode) and was thoroughly impressed. This is the first Xbox One game I'm looking forward to owning.


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I was dismayed, I liked the game.

I hit the beta level cap (14) in about 3 hours. Seems pretty repetitive but people who play call of duty every day will enjoy it. I've moved on from that some time ago. I feel like I experienced all that I needed to in the 4 or so hours I played in the beta.


I think the game is fantastic so far. I like the way it plays and you are always in a fire fight. Also it helps that I won my first 12 games =D


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The AI ruin the game and the price is ridiculous for multiplayer only game (no that I care about any semi-COD related single player). Had more fun during Crysis 2 Beta.

They simply need to implement a mode where you have no AI and options for 4v4, 8v8 and either 12v12 or 16v16 with limitations for titans, call it "Competitive Mode".


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When I go to the site on my pc is says the beta is full..... I looked under my games in origin no dice. Guess I will fire up the ol xbox one. But I do not have gold atm so hmm hope it works.


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Pc beta is okay. The training sequence just takes the piss. I cant see myself playing for longer then a few hours. This game is FAR to easy to play.


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Very good but probably not good for my relationship :) played in 460gtx at 1650, looked awesome and stuck on medium textures