Tony Fadell steps down as Nest CEO

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Nest CEO Tony Fadell announced on Friday that he was leaving the company he and Matt Rogers co-founded in 2010. The news comes roughly two and a half years after Google purchases the startup for $3.2 billion in cash.

In a farewell post on the official Nest blog, Fadell, who helped invent the iPod during his time at Apple, said it was time to “leave the Nest.” He noted that although his departure may seem sudden, the transition has been in progress since late last year.

Former Charter Communications CTO Marwan Fawaz will assume the role of CEO moving forward.

Fadell said that while he will no longer be involved in the day-to-day operations at Nest, he will remain involved as an advisor to Alphabet CEO Larry Page.

Although the split is being portrayed as amicable, those that have kept tabs on the situation at Nest may suggest otherwise. In March, Dropcam founder Greg Duffy penned a post on Medium in which he aimed to set the record straight regarding comments Fadell allegedly said that had been posted on The Information a week earlier (things got a bit ugly with Duffy conceding that he made a mistake selling his company to Nest).

In a recent interview with The New York Times, Fadell described himself as a guy who’s at the beginning of things, adding that he doesn’t like to do maintenance mode. It’s not what gets him out of bed.

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Uncle Al

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Bottom line: Until Nest can come down to the same price as the high end programmable T-stats it won't take off like it could. It is dynamic enough to be the new market leader, but sadly, having to pull Apple along now will just slow it down and eliminate it from the average persons budget.