Toshiba abandons netbook market in US, focuses on Ultrabooks instead


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Consumer interest in netbooks has waned significantly the last couple of years in the face of competition from tablets and even ultrabooks. Samsung and Dell already showed their willingness to...

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People go for the fastest performance they can find in their price range. As long as the network imposes a time lag on seeing the results of one's key presses and mouse clicks, people will continue to do as much computing locally as possible.

Back in what my grandson calls "the olden days," there was a company (Sun?) that kept proclaiming: "The network IS the computer!" No, actually, it wasn't. Not then, not now, and for the same reason - the time lag.

But there will still be a market for netbooks so long as the cost is lower. Okay, it's a low-end market - lots of potential buyers out there anyhow, from starving artists and students to schools to travelers who want to minimize the loss in case of theft. Seems odd to me that such a large company would abandon an entire U.S. market that isn't dead yet.