Toshiba celebrates laptop milestone with new models

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Jun 21, 2010
  1. Toshiba is celebrating the 25th anniversary of its first laptop with a second wave of mobile releases this month, following the various new models that we detailed a week ago including their first 3D-capable Satellite notebook. Two of the most interesting releases of the day are new Portege R700 13-inch thin and light system and the eye-catching new Libretto W100 UMPC that sports dual 7-inch multitouch screens.

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  2. maxdakota

    maxdakota TS Rookie

    For those who want large battery time, this new laptop will be good hope as The R700 will run for up to eight hours on a single charge of its six-cell battery, according to Thomas Teckentrup, Toshiba's general manager of product development and strategy.
  3. ET3D

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    The Libretto W100 immediately caught my eye. A bit of a web search found a few more specs (here: The 2 hour battery life sounds pretty disappointing, and the 4 hour battery ups the weight from 699g to 819g. Engadget ( quotes a price of $1099 and talks about its hands-on experience with an early version.

    Even with all its limitations, I find this quite appealing. The dual screens make the normally too limited 1024x600 resolution bearable, and the CPU is decent enough to run limited games (though I wonder how comfortable it is to play with the touch keyboard), unlike the Atom. Decent RAM and SSD, too, for the form factor.
  4. Wendig0

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    While the W100 looks badass, I think the $1K+ pricetag, and shoddy 2 hour battery life, will make most people shy away from it.
  5. ET3D

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    You're right, but it's still on my list of nice to haves. I've been waiting for a good replacement for my Fujitsu P1510D, and that's one device that I think would fill that slot.
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