Toshiba Laptop with Intel Celeron or Acer with AMD Athlon Single-Core Processor?

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Hey guys. I joined today because I'm deciding between two laptops and I thought I could use your help.

The laptop will be used for everyday use for the most part but I also play World of Warcraft. The game recommends at least 1g of RAM but most users suggest more. The Acer has more RAM but only a single processor. Any suggestions?

Toshiba - Satellite Laptop with Intel® Celeron® Processor:

Processor: Intel Celeron

Processor Speed: 2.2GHz

System Bus: 800MHz

Cache Memory: 1MB on die Level 2

System Memory (RAM): 2GB

Type of Memory (RAM): DDR2

Hard Drive Type: SATA (5400 rpm)

Computer Hard Drive Size: 250GB

Acer - Aspire Laptop with AMD Athlon™ Single-Core Processor

Processor: AMD Athlon™

Processor Speed: 1.6GHz

System Bus: 667MHz

Cache Memory: 512KB on die Level 2

System Memory (RAM): 3GB

Type of Memory (RAM): DDR2

Hard Drive Type: SATA (5400 rpm)

Computer Hard Drive Size: 160GB


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both of those computers are pretty slow... and single core. the Toshiba is the better buy but the link is dead so you might be out of luck with that anyways. i don't play wow so i can't tell you what i would recommend for hardware. i will just go ahead and make the suggestion to buy something with a Core2Duo, 2GB RAM and a more high-end onboard video adapter for games. the more dedicated video power the better.


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Agreed, both of those are probably based on the intel graphics chipsets which imho are terrible. Seeing as you've picked those two laptops, your budget must be pretty tight so that might not be an option. I'd go with the toshiba though since intel proc > amd at the moment.


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I would also like to add that the acer has ATI Radeon HD 3200 integrated graphics, while the toshiba has the Intel GMA 4500M (Not HD)


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If it all possible do not buy any laptop with a single core processor. These are WAY outdated. I am using one that is 5 years old and it is terribly slow.


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That is right. No single core or celeron no matter if you want a netbook or laptop if wants to play any games. A lot of good buy now such as Lenovo G550 Mfg # 2958A5U for $529.00, 3GB DDR3 memory, T4300 Dual core cpu, integrated graphice, 250GB hard drive & Win 7 Home Premium, this will do the job well.


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Strange how you all agree. I see it this way the single core with 64-bit but using 32-bit directions are pretty fast as most software today was design to use under the single core. Now with Windows 7 I've tested even the old DELL Latitude running PIII 1GHz, 512MB of RAM, modded 2.5 HDD running at 7,200rpm. This runs Windows 7 Ultimate. I had installed from Windows XP Pro using SDHC 4GB read/write Sandisk Micromate. This same method can work on all systems that don't even have DVD. As for the DELL since the ATI Mobile AGP2 doesn't have more than 8MB of RAM there is no Aero Glass Graphics. But it still runs after some system tweaks to the memory kernel which is mostly telling the OS to use the RAM before it swaps out to the VRM.

See my video on how I did it. This video was shot showing how to install Windows 7 Ultimate on ASUS Eee PC and ACER Aspire One. Still both run the beta MS Office 2010 without a glitch since that was design for dual core as is Window 7.

Celeron HP with 2.2GHz and FSB 800MHz is pretty fast, but don't use software designed for dual core or higher on it though.

YTV link


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Both of these machines are at best buy (I am a Geek Squad Agent, no flak please) The celeron based toshiba will play wow but at low settings and still jitter. The acer with the athlon tf-20 and HD 3200 will play wow at medium settings with little lag (depending on your internet connection.) I have played with both machines at work and am a long time toshiba fan but the acer would be the better buy. To keep a single core cpu tagging along these days just keep for start up list cleaned out and use a light weight anti virus.

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