Toshiba Satellite A 215-S4747 Display

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Oct 9, 2008
  1. I've had my laptop a little over a year. A few days ago the display began acting up. Here's what happens; When booting up the display is great. The Welcome log on display screen is fine. It can stay at this point for some time with no loss of brightness. After I log on with my password, the Vista desktop appears and the other start up components finish loading. Within 1 minute of the end of boot up, the display suddenly dims about 25%. I've had monitors go out before and they almost always looked liked static or whitened sections on the screen. I cannot figure out why my display only dims after I log into Vista, but not before I actually log on. Any ideas?
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    Yes and its made your writing all pinky
    Oh that's because your colored it like that !
    Now have a look at my text and yours, and tell me which one someone would rather read !!

    I'd say you may need to go to Display settings and adjust the personal settings (although difficult when Dim)

    You could try in Safe Mode (press F8 before Windows Startup)

    Or just remove the Video Drivers, and download the most up-to-date ones from your Toshiba Driver Support page
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    Thank you for your reply. Sorry if color offended you, but I am really not a black and white type of person! That is just SO serious! So besides my outrageous gaffe!!, I am really new to the Vista game. Going to Control Panel, I don't see display settings. Could you be a little more specific on this first step?

    I think that people join these boards, because like me, they are looking for real help. If I knew it all, I would not be here. When folks ridicule us newbies for asking (mostly) insane questions, there is little help to be offered. Instead, why not truly HELP those of us that ask?

    OK, yes! you did give a solution. But when you have someone, as me, who does not know how to get to where you point, more helpful would be directions (no matter how mundane) and not comment on our choice of type. That is if you do really WANT to help and not condone.

    Thank you in advance for any help you might offer.

    Sorry for the boring black and white!
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    Basic level help required


    Ok, well thanks for the reply

    Just as a point of interest, coloring text is against the boards rules here, unless absolutely required. Although not "offensive" to me, it is difficult to read.
    If you had made an Introduction post (as requested, when originally signing on), you probably would have been informed there are some rules here.

    As for my help and "someone, as you" (obviously requiring more basic instruction). Be aware that I am not a mind reader, (nor did your original post ask for basic guidance) and many newcomers (I'd say 99%) do know how to go to Display settings, but if they didn't (i.e. you) then all they'd need to do is reply, "please provide more basic instruction" (Of which, would have come willingly)

    Be aware that I help members on all levels, I usually come across friendly, and on most of my posts this is clearly shown. I understand that some in this area (well support) can get a bit offensive at times, but if anything, I am opposite to that.

    Re-reading my post, I confirm the first 3 lines have a sarcasm (and light humour) aspect, I should have, in retrospect, just stated not to post in color as that is against the board's ruling. Keeping it serious, as you say.

    Now regarding your personal Display Settings (which may or may not fix your issue)

    Open Display Settings by clicking the Start button [​IMG], clicking Control Panel, clicking Appearance and Personalization, clicking Personalization, and then clicking Display Settings.

    In Display Settings, there are a few options that you may see and choose from.
    As many users now have seperate, add-on Video Cards, there may be an Advanced area, that you could, ideally, set defaults. There is a little bit of learning about your system for yourself (and Windows generally) in this area.

    For my second of three options supplied (i.e. not "a solution", as in singular)
    I have suggested to go to Safe Mode and test to see if the Display is still dim, reason why, is that Safe Mode does not usually carry all User modifications. As this may cause this post to become too long, you can learn how to go to Safe Mode here:

    Regarding my third option, Drivers. You will need to do the following:
    Please put your System Specs information in your Profile
    Before I can provide further technical help. (Note: This is also stated to members in the Introduce yourself forum)

    I hope my support, has been helpful for you today :)


    I forgot to mention that all support members (including myself) do not get paid what-so-ever, we are doing this out of the kindness of our hearts, and the enjoyment of others satisfaction in resolving the matter. Imagine that!
  5. Sheryle

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    Thank you

    OK, I'm sorry for the snarky reply and no I did not read the rules. I did not imagine that if options were offered in the message box that they would be against the rules, again my fault. In my case, it is extremely hard to read the black and white text which is why I usually do colorize my messages if an option.

    Having said that, I appreciate the help you have offered. I am not currently at the Toshiba, so I can't try any of the suggestions you have offered right now. I will also update my profile.

    Thank you for your help.
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  7. Sheryle

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    Back at the Toshiba; unfortunately I do not have an "Appearance and Personalization" option in my control panel. I was however able to navigate to an option which allowed me to adjust my screen brightness. This I did by moving levers to extreme right, but with no change. I have not yet started in safe mode, but I have posted the system specs. I hope they are the right ones! If you could point me toward drivers, that would be helpful.
    Perhaps you could answer this? After downloading drivers (and assuming no improvement) and after starting in safe mode (and the screen still becoming dim), what are my options after that? The screen is not so dim that I can't see it, but it is not as brilliant as it was, which takes a lot away from viewing videos/DVD's. I'm itching to get a new laptop with decent graphics for video editing, but if this one will WORK...I can't justify the money spent.

    Again, I apologize for being sarcastic. It was just one of those days, and I do appreciate all the unpaid people who try to help those of us who can't seem to come out of the dark. I have also solved my reading problem by composing in color and reverting to B/W before posting. It was never meant to offend anyone...the color thing.
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    I have posted your possible drivers directly above your last post to me

    If you are able to go to Safe Mode
    Then click on Start->Run-> Devmgmt.msc

    Expand the Display Adaptor by clicking on the + sign next to it
    Right click on your actual Display adaptor that is then shown
    And select Un-install (or remove, this label can vary)
    Yes to un-install
    Then once done restart your computer

    Your Display may look all strange (large) after restart to Normal mode (due to missing Drivers)
    But. Is it back to bright again?
    If so, we have found the cause, and now it is just a matter of re-installing the updated Display drivers
    If not, then this could be a Hardware isue.

    Oh, I just had a strange thought. Your actual brightness is in fact turned up isn't it?
    How you find this is it's usually holding down the Function key (Fn), and tapping on one of the F# keys (ie Fn + tapping on F4 for instance)
    You should see a small picture on your F# keys (sounds like I'm being rude!) that looks like something to do with display (like two half semi-circles or something)

    Please try that, but possibly reverse the paragraph order above!
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