Toshiba Satellite L550 problem

By Keytone098761
Jul 21, 2015
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  1. O.P.
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    My laptop: toshiba satellite l550 ... The part no. Is PSLWSA-01000Q

    OS: Win 7 32 bit Professional.

    Problem: let me give you an overview of my laptop.... It was very slow until recently I did a system restore ... It is a laptop with fans that rev all the time and has the ability to overheat and shutoff once the laptop gets to about 105 degrees celsius.
    My problem today is that I cannot boot the computer past the BIOS ... all the components within the boot menu fail to boot... These consist of in order of my boot settings.

    1. P1-Toshiba MK5055GSX
    3. Floppy
    4. Realtek Boot Agent
    When I clicked to try boot the Realtek Boot Agent an error message came up 18.08.14.jpg?dl=0

    When I press enter on each of these in the boot menu the tells me the part has failed. Please Help me I would like to fix this issue.
  2. sadman3

    sadman3 TS Enthusiast Posts: 126

    I am planning to buy a new LT but I'm not quiet sure what's the best one. What is good about Toshiba?

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