Toshiba won't work after upgrade

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Jul 2, 2010
  1. hi well someone bought a toshiba laptop to me they say it was working fine clicked on a link or bubble to do an up grade and it has not worked since ??? .
    now i dont think his xp is 100% if you know what i mean did not get a disk with the laptop

    so what i want to know can microsoft have done this or is it down to a virus and what can i do to reset it all so it runs ok is it just a bios reset is it software? .

    i did try the drive from my laptop and still will not boot
  2. raybay

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    What was the upgrade? How far did you get into the upgrade. Can you test by installing Windows to another Clean hard drive? Using an already installed drive from another computer is often not helpful due to Microsoft security protecting against piracy.
    Doubt that Microsoft was the cause, but it would be helpful to know age and configuration of the Toshiba. BIOS reset will usually not be helpful.
    Do you get lights and indications of power? Will the Toshiba go so far as to give you a screen? Does it detect a Windows install disk?
  3. zag1402

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    thanks for that well i have got it going but one thing i have to run an external monitor
    where can i get the drivers all in one spot >>>>
  4. raybay

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  5. zag1402

    zag1402 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 26


    aaaahhh this is killing me ok
    i did a bios update when i go to display properties it is saying the monitor on the laptop is not active what can i do to fix this ????
  6. fastco

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    Just use system restore and get your computer back to a date before the HP update.

    See here....
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