TR/Monder.akld Trojan virus

By backsliders
Jan 13, 2009
  1. I use AntiVir Guard. But, I cannot get it to stop beeping and no matter what I do, "move to quarantine" "Delete" "Deny Access" etc., I cannot get rid of this trojan virus. It tells me it is the "TR/Monder.akld" Trojan. and it says it's under "C:\Windows\System32\hgGaxxUN.dll". Though I've tried rebooting to safe mode and taking care of it manually, it is impossible due to it being automatically renamed every few minutes. (it was named rfrTmxrdl.dll yesterday).
    The antivir boxes will not cease to respawn, and I cannot do much of anything on the net now.

    (unrelated note)
    Also my computer now takes 4 minutes and 12 seconds exactly for any of the following dialog boxes to close:
    Renaming a file
    Deleting a file
    Creating a new folder
    Creating a new anything.

    The file is automatically deleted or renamed, but the folder interface will freeze until the dialog box closes. (If I were to open up a second folder and check on the same path, it has already been renamed or deleted, yet the dialog box still says deleting) This really puts a drag on my work. Any help for either would leave me very grateful.
  2. backsliders

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    If it helps, I completed the 8 steps, though Malwarebytes will not open due to a "runtime Error". The same error occurred upon install.
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