transferring O.S. to external hard drive

By wizardtres
Jan 18, 2007
  1. Is it possible to transfer my operating system windows XP to an external hard drive and eliminating the internal one and would it work just the same as the internal H.D. would have. If the specs were the same would there be any difference in performance since the external would be connected thru USB. My parents have a computer with windows 98. Would it be possible when I go to there house to connect the external HD that has windows XP and would there be a conflict with two O.S. on the same computer?
  2. Tmagic650

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    First of all, yes there would be a conflict with a Windows 98 machine. You will first have to make sure that a USB boot device is recognised by the system bios. If this is truly a Windows 98 machine, I can guarantee that IT WON'T RECOGNISE A USB BOOT DEVISE!

    My system below DOES recognise my Seagate notebook 100GB external USB drive as a boot device. If I install Windows XP, SP2 on it, I could boot from it. You would have to find or build a XP computer, and set it up fresh with XP, copy the OS from this systems internal hard drive to the external USB drive, set the bios to boot from the USB drive, then boot the system from the USB external... Only newer motherboards have this multi-boot option. Understand?
  3. zipperman

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    Not sure,but

    XP System tools has the
    "Files and Transfer Wizard"
    I have not used it.but get some info on how it's used.
    Someone else will have to add to this.
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