Trojan? please read and advise

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Dec 21, 2008
  1. Hi,
    My daughter has an HP Pavillion ze2000 laptop that will run in safe mode, but not in regular mode. It appears to have been infected by antivirus 2008 among others. I've removed a bunch of spyware, and other questionable software. But I cannot get it to stay in regular mode, it just shuts down, and has a bunch of error msgs on a blue screen. I tried d/l'ing HJT and various antispyware and antivirus software, and it won't d/l them. If I go to the Microsoft site to download the malicious software removal tool, it can't even be validated. Any help would be appreciated. I've tried to install various programs, but they won't install in safe mode. I'm using my laptop to post this, and while I can get online with hers, it does little good.
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    trojan? please read and advise update

    I did what you said and it hasn't helped. Explorer doesn't seem to be working properly. At any rate, it's storming here in NH and it looks as if we might lose our power. I'll check back later after trying again. The thing that ticks me off about it, is that I can't get any programs I need, to install.
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    update on trojan...reply

    Hello Mike,
    I can't install any programs. Therefore I'm unable to follow your directions.
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    This in not an install but a download!

    OK do this.

    Boot to Safe Mode networking.

    Go here: do the Copy/Paste to the Command prompt.

    Then still in Safe Mode networking go to link above and try again. Note: you can not rename by clicking the Name/label but must rt click then properties and change the .zip to .exe

    Fixit will reboot when finished. F8 to Safe mode networking once again.

    Then do this TechSpot 8 steps:
    Attach logs.

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