Trojan win32 infection

By floodgate59 · 13 replies
May 26, 2009
  1. tried to follow 8 steps,
    malwarebytes wont run
    super anti spyware wont run.

    what should i do?
  2. touch

    touch TS Rookie Posts: 978

    Hello floodgate59

    See if you can run combofix ->

    Please download combofix here ->

    Before Saving it to Desktop, please rename it to something like 123.exe to stop malware from disabling it.

    Now, please make sure no other programs are running, close all other windows.

    Please double click on the file you downloaded. Follow the onscreen prompts to start the scan.
    Once the scanning process has started please DO NOT click on the Combofix window or attempt to use your computer as this can cause the scanning process to stall.
    It may take a while to complete scanning and this is normal.

    You will be disconnected from the internet and your desktop icons/toolbars will disappear during scanning, do not worry, this is normal and it will be restored after
    scanning has completed.

    Combofix will create a logfile and display it after your computer has rebooted. Usually located in c:\combofix.txt, please attach it to your next post.

    NB. If you can´t run it from normal mode, do it from safe mode.
  3. floodgate59

    floodgate59 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Combofix log post

    here is the combofix log.

    it asked me to disable antivirus and anti i uninstalled avg. It still recognized the program and ran anyway.

    what is the next step? thank you for the help.
  4. touch

    touch TS Rookie Posts: 978

    Open notepad and copy/paste the text in the quotebox below into it:
    Name the file as CFScript
    and Save it on the desktop

    Once saved, refering to the picture above, drag CFScript.txt into ComboFix.exe.

    Combofix will create a logfile and display it after your computer has rebooted. Usually located in c:\combofix.txt, please attach it to your next post

    Do not mouseclick combofix's window whilst it's running. That may cause it to stall
  5. elliotbrady

    elliotbrady TS Rookie

    I am under a similar dilemma. I ran combofix and it did not find all of the registry items deemed 'Suspicious' by anti spyware websites.
    I have hunted down these items in RegEdit, and managed to delete some, although I am left with the following keys which will not let me remove them ;


    Is there a way I can make combofix remove these keys?
    Thank you in advance.
  6. snowchick7669

    snowchick7669 TS Maniac Posts: 660

    Hi elliotbrady,

    The instructions by touch were intended for floodgate59.

    I suggest creating a new thread with your problem, so that it doesn't get confusing and the instructions can be directed at you :)
  7. elliotbrady

    elliotbrady TS Rookie

    Ok apologies. I'm new to the site, I'll make a new thread now.
  8. floodgate59

    floodgate59 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    New log for Combofix

    Here is what came up after i moved your log file to combofix.
  9. touch

    touch TS Rookie Posts: 978

  10. floodgate59

    floodgate59 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    New logs

    After running all the programs are the logs.
  11. touch

    touch TS Rookie Posts: 978

    They looks clean to Me. How are things running now ?
  12. floodgate59

    floodgate59 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thank you.

    I cant thank you enough for all the help you've given me over the last several days. My pc is running 100% better now. Thank you again. I do have two final questions. On my last running of Malwarebytes, 12 files were found with malware still infecting them. should i select "remove selected" and get them off my computer once and for all? Also...what precautions can i take to make sure i dont get this type of virus again? Thanks again for all your help!
  13. touch

    touch TS Rookie Posts: 978

    It should be safe to delete the 12 files were found with malwarebyte.

    Now your computer problems are solved, it is time for the clean-up procedure
    You should Create a New Restore Point to prevent possible reinfection from an old one.
    The easiest and safest way to do this is:
    Go to Start > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > System Restore
    Select Create a restore point, and Ok it.
    Next, go to Start > Run and type in cleanmgr
    Select the More options tab
    Choose the option to clean up system restore and OK it.

    This will remove all restore points except the new one you just created.

    Please download
    Save it to desktop.
    This will remove all the tools we used to clean your computer.
    Double-click OTCleanIt.exe. Click CleanUp. Say Yes to the "Begin cleanup Process?"
    When asked if you want to proceed with the cleanup process, click Yes. Restart your computer when prompted.
    Please note. It will NOT remove Mbam, Ccleaner and SuperAntispyware.

    To learn more about how to protect yourself while on the internet, please read Tony Klein´s guide:

    Keep safe :wave:
  14. floodgate59

    floodgate59 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    well my computer seems clean, so thank you so much for everything. YOU ROCK MY FACE OFF!
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