Trojan Zlob G

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Dec 8, 2008
  1. i was smart enough not to follow links involved with this fake security alert but it still crashers my web browser ever 2mins or is my HJT file any help here would be awesome....thx in advance

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  2. kimsland

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  3. ricoo245

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    sorry here are the reat og loggs

    i thought i attached them too but apparently i didn't sorry.....i did every step on that and still getting the alert and crashes...

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  4. rf6647

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    Your description of symptoms is helpful. Your logs show found and removed items. First, permit MBAM & SAS successive scans to uncover additional infections. Next, ComboFix (a special scan / tool) is used.

    Overview -
    • ComboFix is a very effective tool that scans / fixes hard to clean infections. Additionally, it includes diagnostic information.
    • Uninstall old copy of ComboFix
    Supplement to guide. Successive scans used to uncover additional infections.
    • Update both MBAM & SAS. Rerun them both.

    • This effort is complete when logs report NO infections/threats, or reporting something it can not clean.
      • Typically extra repeat scans are not needed
    • Follow ComboFix instructions referenced below.

    • Restart the computer
    • Scan with HJT. (part of instructions for ComboFix)

    • Posts logs. Report progress & what changes are observed. Include logs that found infections.

  5. Bobbye

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    When you get through with the programs recommended above, please rerun Hijackthis and attach a new log. The one you left doesn't look complete- there are no 016 entries listed and it also doesn't have any homepage set up.
  6. kimsland

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    And PeerGuardian installed (Best to remove this)
    And no AntiVirus installed :confused: (even though stated in the guide to install)

    I agree the log is not complete, please create a new HJT log
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