Trouble connecting to internet (Windows 8)

Kevin Carrigan

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Hey guys, I was recently in the malware section, because my laptop had some problems and could not connect to the internet. Broni was very awesome and helped me clear my laptop up, but we still couldn't get it to connect to the internet. He advised me to come here for help.

I will link the previous thread, because there are some log files toward the end I think would be much more helpful than me explaining problems.

Thank you so much for any help.


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If the laptop will connect to the Internet using a wired connection, go to the Control panel and first check to see if there are any yellow (!) in the device manager. if you see any make note of which line there on and tell us. If you see no yellow (!), click on Network Adapters, right-click on the adapter shown and select update driver software and select "automatically"

Kevin Carrigan

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I can not connect with a wired connection either. When I type ipconfig /all it shows that all of my states are media disconnected.