TrueCrypt screwed up my external hard disk

By Miadrian
Oct 10, 2009
  1. Hey guys, i recenly bought myself an external harddisc, as my laptop was getting sick of all my movies and music.

    Since i also planned to use my harddisc for wok, i wanted to password protect it to ensure noboy could see my stuff.

    I downloaded truecrypt, and honestly, im sort of a noob, hence i just tried everything myself witout really paying much attention to the tutorials.

    I wanted to encrpyt my entire hardisc. while i was in the pocess of it, irealized that t wud take about 8 hours to complete, so i stopped it.

    Now i have no idea what happen to my hard drive, but i simply cant open it

    I tried it on a different competer, and i get the same thing:

    - My External Harddisc that was previously called "MyName's Harddisc" is ow called Local Disk (H:). How has it become a local disk???
    - When i want to open it it tells me that i must format it in order to open it.

    It is very, very, frustrating.
    Right now I'm just continuing wit the process of encryption, as there seems to be no way to simple abort it.

    I really need your help... I want my harddisc to be as it was before :(

    Thx in Advance everyone!!
  2. mica3speedy

    mica3speedy TS Rookie Posts: 89

    when you add a drive to a computer that already has an os, it becomes a local disc for that system. You may have to use truCrypt to undo the encryption that was already done. Hopefully the drive was just used as backup and you won't lose anything. You might have to do a format and try again.
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