Trying to slave an SATA to an IDE

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Jun 10, 2013
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  1. I'm trying to repair an OS Windows 7 on an SATA hard drive for a handicapped lady...she said her tower was running when she heard a popping sound and then all the peripherals started shutting down until the entire setup was dead.This sounds like a bridge burned out on her MB.I've taken her HD (SATA) and put it in a new tower and tried to boot.but got msg to run repair tool.We tried all the options just short of the reinstall/system recovery disk.I tried restoring to all the points before the crash but it couldn't complete any of them.She hopes not to lose what's on the HD so I'm trying to slave it into my tower to run repair software.My MB has both type connections and my HD is IDE.I used the SATA connector but even the BIOS didn't list it.Can you help me figure out the hook up to do this so I can get this lady to smile again?
  2. cliffordcooley

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    SATA are independent ports, they do not have master and slave configurations.

    You cannot take an operating system out of one PC and expect it to function 100% in another PC. Furthermore; System Recovery is usually machine specific and would cause problems, if used in a machine the recovery software was not configured for.

    Your best bet would be to fix the issue with the old system. I'm tempted to point a finger at the PSU, but without further testing, it is hard to say for sure. Do you see any physical evidence of electronic damage? Blown capacitors and burnt chips can have visual damage.
  3. Spykezxp

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    SATA to USB might be an easy option for you. You will have to buy the cable though. I've done it this way a couple times now and it does work. That way you can save whatever she may want off the hard drive until you can figure out the problem with the computer.
  4. 3 G Lady

    3 G Lady TS Member Topic Starter

    Thank both of you for your response...I think I have a SATA to USB cable,I didn't think about going that way.Maybe I didn't make myself clear...I'm trying to get her HD in a tower to run freeware software to repair the OS...I'm not trying to take anything off it or use her reinstall disk on anything.And yes I looked over her MB and I didn't see anything that looks like it burned out.I'll try the USB option shortly and let you know how it turns out.Once again...thanks for your help!
  5. TheHawk

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    Hey 3 G Lady. When you say peripherals, did they all go completely out, no power led's after the popping sound?.I can see a PSU causing a loss of communication to peripherals if the pc shuts down or the USB ports are affected, but a failed PSU shouldn't cause external devices to lose all power if this is what happened. I assume the pc wouldn't power on after this popping sound. I myself would mount the drive in a SATA external case and connect it to another pc and save the needed data before using any type of software repair that may not be needed if you can access the data via external drive enclosure with a USB cable.
  6. 3 G Lady

    3 G Lady TS Member Topic Starter

    I don't believe she had an external HD connected.No, the system wouldn't power back on.I didn't know I could save the data if I couldn't access the system,maybe you can tell me how to do this.I don't have an external SATA case so I'm just trying to work with what I have.I have a PC parts store close by but the owner won't talk to me...he just keeps telling me this is a job for professionals and I should let him put it on the bench.That's why I came here for advice...the threads I read seemed like truly helpful people!And I thank you for any and all help I can get til I get this lady her HD back(and her data intact)!
  7. TheHawk

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    Yes, he doesn't want to give free advice. Do you smell anything unusual from the back of the power supply?. I keep an "el cheapo" power supply to test dead systems before investing in a more expensive quality unit.That's what I would try first given that you didn't see anything unusual on the mobo. As far as checking the drive to see if files can be read, I would mount the drive in an enclosure like the one in the link and see if you can see the files on the drive.

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