TWC accuses Netflix of bullying ISPs and discriminating against users


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Time Warner Cable has accused Netflix of discriminating against users who access the video streaming service through a TWC Internet connection. Last week, Netflix started providing streams in Super HD and 3D qualities, which delivers better-looking video at the expense...

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Oh wow.... me a netflix fan... and wow.. cant beleive it.. its a false report... quote" Dane Jasper said becoming an Open Connect partner isn't a big deal, suggesting that TWC is making mountains out of molehills. end quote.


Discriminating by giving more streaming choices? Anyone tell them the speed of the connection chooses the bandwidth? or even can be manually overridden? I want whatever they are smoking..

quote: "[SIZE=14px]Netflix started providing streams in[/SIZE] Super HD and 3D qualities, [SIZE=14px]which delivers better-looking video at the expense of stricter connection requirements -- namely that users have a download speed of at least 5Mb/s"[/SIZE]


Can I have whatever TWC is smoking?

I thought it obvious that quality is chosen by what your bandwidth can handle; so in essence what TWC is saying is that their own speeds are S**T, and to look elsewhere for better speeds/quality - or complain.


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So basically Netflix wants to put a server in the ISP hub to deliver content directly to the user instead of streaming offsite.

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OR twc is just pissed off because they need a minimum 5MB/s which is slowly becoming the standard and TWC doesnt wana fork up the infrastructure dough to make themselves competitive...


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So basically Netflix wants to put a server in the ISP hub to deliver content directly to the user instead of streaming offsite.

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It is not like that. I first thought Netflix was strongarming ISP, too. But if you look at it from Netflix's standpoint, or any vendor's standpoint, they are simply providing better quality of content to the customers, and at the same time easing the overall Internet traffic. It is almost like merchandize vendors partnering up with retail stores to better serve customers, except that in this case, no customers is denied of their content.

Given that Netflix eats up 30% of the evening Internet traffic, this might be a win-win situation, for the time being anyway.
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Anyone who rattles TWC's cage has my approval, I consider them a fascist corporation with totalitarian tendencies.


[SIZE=14px][FONT=Helvetica Neue][COLOR=rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.8)]When I wrote Time Warner Cable telling them my desire to watch Super HD and 3D content via Open Connect, I got the following response "[/COLOR][/FONT][/SIZE][FONT=arial]Thank you for your request. Please note that, we do not support Netflix." Unbelievable [/FONT]


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A local internet company casa grande internet has blocked netflix! They said its taking up to much bandwidth, even though they offer unlimited data.... They attribute 50% of there traffic to netflix. I used to use casa grande internet, I would be so pissed if I was still with them. If they can't handle streaming videos..... It was in the local newspaper today.