Twitch joins Valve in support of eliminating 'Counter-Strike: Global Offensive' gambling sites

Shawn Knight

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The fallout from last week’s revelation that YouTube users Trevor "TmarTn" Martin and Tom "Syndicate" Cassell were the ones running a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive gambling site that they regularly promoted continues as Twitch chimes in on the matter.

Shortly after Valve distanced itself from the whole ordeal, Twitch issued a statement in which it reminded users of its own terms of service. Specifically, Twitch highlighted the section that prohibits broadcasters from streaming content that breaks the terms of service or user agreements of third-parties.

That said, content in which the broadcaster uses or promotes that violates Valve’s stated restrictions are also prohibited on Twitch.

The notice additionally highlights other restricted behavior such as playing pirated games and playing on unauthorized private servers.

Valve had been criticized for its lackadaisical approach to CS:GO gambling websites for quite some time. Although the company has never received revenue from gambling sites, many have questioned why Valve has allowed the sites to exist considering its OpenID API is instrumental to said sites' operations.

Only yesterday did Valve finally speak up on the matter, vowing to issue cease-and-desist letters to gambling sites, requesting they stop using Steam to operate their outfits. Valve’s spokesperson, Erik Johnson, said they would further pursue the matter as necessary assuming they run into stubborn site owners.

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