Two-year FBI undercover credit card operation results in 24 arrests

Shawn Knight

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The FBI has arrested two dozen people as part of the largest coordinated international cyber sting in history. The multi-million dollar operation spanned two years, eight countries and four continents, law enforcement officials said.

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2 Years and a couple of million dollars later thay have 20 people??? WTF, way to do a great job! More like federal bureau of incompetence if you ask me! LoL LoL


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I have read the last sentence, just sounds like they are tagging it on at the end so they dont look like complete fools, like we wasted 2 years and a couple of million but dont worry coz we protected your cards. daft fools in my opinion.


If one guy had 800 credit card numbers, assuming the rest have about that many as well, we're looking at about 19,200 credit card numbers. If they take $20 from every credit card that's $384,000. Therefor, I don't believe this: "The task force behind the operation says that hundreds of millions of dollars in losses have been prevented and hundreds of thousands of credit cards remain protected as a result."


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lol, you guys sure love ripping the govt. Largest cyber sting in history, but not big enough for you, huh Andy? Do you know how little a few million is to the Fed govt? This was probably the best money they spent all year.


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"Do you know how little a few million is to the Fed govt?"

I know how large a sum a few million is to the tax payers. If thats the best they can do then they better try a lot harder next year and hey they might get 40 people next time for only 4 million of your fedral tax dollars, LoL. Goverments, and most assuredly the US Gov is/are an illusion im afraid. You/we/me all live in a totalitarian technocracy, have done for sometime now!


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At least this is productive (to those who are complaining). I rather see them after these people than online pirates