Ubisoft could follow EA's used games fee model

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Ubisoft may soon take a page from EA's book and start monetizing used games by charging extra to unlock functionality or content that would otherwise be available with new games. In a post-earnings conference call today, the company's CFO Alain Martinez answered an analyst's question on this issue, saying, "we are looking very carefully at what EA is doing regarding what we call 'the $10 solution,' and we will probably follow that line sometime in the future."

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Thinking from the producers side, this thing is true and from the consumer side "why again?". Lets hope it will help the developers to have a good market for the game and for the consumers lets just hope that they will price it low.


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autotechfreak said:
Thinking from the producers side, this thing is true and from the consumer side "why again?". Lets hope it will help the developers to have a good market for the game and for the consumers lets just hope that they will price it low.

Not gonna happen. You could eliminate Piracy and selling used games and they would still over charge for games. They prey on the "OOOO shiney" mentality of the consumer. Its easier to keep a lawyer on retainer than to develop a good game and price it reasonably. Piracy isn't the problem a been pointed out in many articles on this very website when companies are basically bragging that a game or a company made X amount of millions of dollars. Control and greed are the only things these software companies are interested about.


All their game are CRAP ANYWAY!!!
Thats why I don't buy this overpriced crap no more!!!


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Does anyone know how EA determines a used sale has occured?
Would this mean that if I have 2 xbox's (1 for kids room, 1 for family room) that I then need to pay $10 every time I want to play the game in a different room?
If you get a RROD would you then need to pay $10 just to play the game on your refurbished/replaced model?
What if you upgrade your xbox?

There's so many problems this causes, I don't see how I could support a company that takes this position. Yet another personal boycott on my list.


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Not surprising and I'm pretty sure others are going to be adopting this model as well. They are all walking a fine line with how they approach this. If they take the ME2 direction where you get day-one DLC content but nothing that breaks your experience or game play, I'm ok with that but not really happy. However if they start removing features simply to subvert and devalue my right to resell I'll be displeased and likely not buy their products anymore. But overall it doesn't really matter since I am not interested in what they have offer since they turned to an always-online DRM.


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I am so tired of this SH** this is crap they cant do this, GODDDD well congrats ea and ubisoft just killed game renting, so all your awesome game rentals wont work. YAY congrats ea you sucks i hope you rot in hell.


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hello ...

they can't fight the big bad monster named piracy, why don't we go kill some smaller ones, those cute little ones, having no teeth we call used-games.

OK, i'm not against but not for! I agree if someone rent a game, can't have same full features of someone who bought same at a higher price, but then why not!?

If they don't drop their prices, i'm afraid most of us would just drop their games....

I never buy used, but don't want to feel unsecured if someday i need to change some parameters (accounts/email or system) ...

OK, lets wait & see



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Moronic, laughable, short-sighted and self- destructive. Ubi -soft- in- the- head following EA's lead. How stupid can you get?


Well if the previous owner of the game never played the game online, u would not need another online pass as the previous was never used. But this is so stupid, i already have stopped buying all UbiSoft games due to there PC game Bulls***. they jumping on the EA bandwagon now gives me more reason to boycott Ubisoft.


Next stop counterfeit online passes, or do-it-yourself pass kits, (called Foreward Pass, Passover or Pass the Parcel perhaps?). Or even master multi-use passes covering all platforms (or your money back, ha ha). The pirates are going to love this brilliant new treasure chest. Meanwhile the customer gets screwed - so what else is new? I know who's side I'll be on. EA and Ubisoft can stick their passes up their asses. Let the games begin!.
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