Ubuntu install unable to install grub /dev/sda


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Hi Everyone,

Thought I'd try Ubuntu for the first time.
Install to a PC running windows 7 and XP dual boot
It's a raid system with 4 HDD in 2 arrays.

Windows 7 was a nightmare to intall as it just wouldn't see my raid.

To my surprise and amazement the ubuntu installer (running from boot CD) saw it correctly straight away. Install went fine until it told me it couldn't install grub.

I was installing on my first raid array which consists of 2 sata HDD and has a windowx xp partition a windows 7 partition and about 300 gigs of unpartitioned space. I created a 20 gig ext4 partition from the unbuntu installer and a 2 gig partition for the swap file.

I apologise in advance for providing information you don't need and leaving out that which you do, and thank you in advance for your help.

I completed the installation without installing a bootloader as it was the only way I could complete it.

I now need to install a bootloader that lets me boot into my new ubuntu or my win 7 bootloader (which lets me boot into 7 and XP)

Any advice appriciated


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I don't have much experience of RAID installations, but my thoughts in the first instance are its likey the MBR isn't being found, so its unable to install it.

I also believe it can be quite quirky to install it to a RAID as well. I would strongly suggest a search on the Ubuntu forums as its very likely your problem has been encountered before.


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be cautious: there's a difference between /dev/hd* and /dev/sd*

you need to see the boot messages to determine which device points to which hardware


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Got this sorted with the help of the nice folk at ubuntuforums.org, I am working on a guide and will post a copy here when done.