Ubuntu won't connect to 1 Windows XP machine

By TorturedChaos
Aug 18, 2010
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  1. Ok so I have 3 computers - 2 desktops(chaospc and chaos1) and my laptop. Both desktops are running windows xp pro, with chaos1 (my main computer) being updated to sp3. I haven't updated chaospc yet, i don't really use it much.

    Anyways, I can connect form my laptop (running Ubuntu) to chaospc just fine. I pops up asked me for a password, and I put in the main desktop password and can access the whole computer. And both desktops will talk back and forth just fine, and they can bother see my laptop running Ubuntu w/o and issue.

    Only issue I'm having is my laptop won't connect to chaos1. It s;topped right about the time I updated to sp3 so I'm guess; that goofed up something with the sharing.

    But ne ways when I try to connect to Chaos1 from my laptop first off it takes about 20-30 seconds, but then I get an error message of "Failed to retrieve share list from server". Thats when I go to network and click on Chaos1. If I type in "smb://chaos1/" in the address bar I get the error message of "Error: failed to retrieve share list from server. Please select another viewer and try again" IDK if that means anything different. I'm not very well versed in Linux and have just started playing with in the last couple months.

    So IDK if its an issue with my laptop or my desktop, but if anyone has any insightful information i would love to hear it, preferable on the topic at hand :p
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