Unable to view administrator files on slave drive

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Oct 4, 2011
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  1. Hello everyone. I know there's probably been posts similar to mine, but I have not learned all I wanted from previous posts. Recently, my hard drive gave out on my XP computer. The issue seems to be that it will not be read as a master drive, but will run fine as a slave on my other XP computer. That being said, I can view the general program files, ect. on the drive when viewed with Explorer in my Computer, but cannot access my pictures and music and such. As mentioned in similar post, the same amount of usage is being reported, but not all of that data is viewable or present. How can I access my pictures and music? (I understand from other posts that it might have something to do with it being password protected if my previous computer installation of XP was password protected?)
  2. CJ Casanova

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    User Permissions

    Its more down to user permissions, you dont have permission to access it, Personally i would take the hard drive and slip it in a computer with windows 7, then reset the permissions to whicherever user i want ( this is done by right clicking the drive/folder and changeing under the permissions tab)

    God luck :)
  3. Dthrawn

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    I guess that's one way of approaching it CJ Casanova, but mu HD is IDE and my windows 7 PC uses SATA and I don't have a converter. I'll consider your suggestion though. Thanks for input.
  4. LookinAround

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    Try taking ownership. See HERE
  5. Dthrawn

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    Taking ownership

    Good idea, but the problem lies in that my hard drive will not be accepted by my old PC and I can't exactly run it on the new PC as the master. Is there a way I can take ownership through the master of my new PC with the HD in question as the slave?

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