Unidentified MoBo and PSU connections

By majorblenks
Apr 15, 2008
  1. Hi all

    My computer has developed a fault in that it wont turn on. I've find that it is the power supply as a replacement will work.

    However, the problem is regarding the PSU-MoBo connections that 'need' to be made...

    The machine came from evesham computers (originally). I believe the MoBo is a shuttle but cant be sure. The only details I could fine were some numbers on the MoBo itself - FS51 v2.0, D33032, N2801. Anyway, it has the standard 20 pin connection, but instead of an additional 4 pin connector (3.3v?) in a 2x2 shape it is in a 1x4 shape and is called a 'peripheral' connection(?)

    The PSU that died is (I suspect) a specially designed power supply. Anyway it is an "Acheme" switching power supply, model no: AM630BS20S, 200W.

    Is it necessary that i use this additional connection if I'm not running any hefty peripherals like a GC? As i expect that a standard 'small' PSU will have not have this special connector - Basically can i just run my computer using a new PSU just supplying power via the 20 pin connector?


  2. Matthew

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    Hmm, based on this image of the AM630BS20S up for grabs on eBay, it has a "2x2" shaped connector. Either you're mistaken on the connector or model, or you've got some form of an OEM version.

    The AM630BS20S appears to be of the Flex-ATX form factor. You might have trouble mounting an ATX PSU.

    You might want to just buy one of the AM630BS20S's on eBay, as there appear to be quite a few.

    Mind taking a few pictures of your PSU and motherboard (if possible)?
  3. majorblenks

    majorblenks TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 29

    my Acheme PSU model does have the 2x2 pin as well as a 1x4 pin connector. I presume the PSU is specially made, but I'm more worried about whether or not my MoBo (presumably a shuttle) needs something plugged into this 1x4 pin connection it has.

    On my Mobo there is no 2x2 (4) pin slot it is a 1x4 (4) pin slot, just to clarify :p

    I'll add some pics of MoBo and PSU asap
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