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By rfruth · 6 replies
Jan 17, 2010
  1. My WXP Home computer system has been taking about 10 minutes to complete its boot. When I first log in, the desktop comes up at normal speed and only the sound icon comes up in task bar system tray. I can use the system at extremely slow speeds and then it takes about 10 minutes for the rest of my system tray icons to load and I can use the system at normal speed. I tried the usual antivirus and malware scans...nothing. I tried a system restore to a few weeks ago...nothing. I then turned to the task manager and came across a strange looking process. Does anyone know what the 1883b77e-ffd8-49cb-abb8-e117bcc97f41.exe process is? Please review the attached screen shot of my task manager and let me know if you see any other unusual processes in there too that might be causing my problems. Thanks!

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  2. Fragrant Coit

    Fragrant Coit TS Guru Posts: 363

    I've got no idea what that process is!

    can you post a pic of the Taskmanager with the "Show processes from all users" checked?

    looks like there's a fair bit of non essential stuff loading with Windows - Java update, Intuit Update, Paint.net, Tomtom, Seaport etc etc.

    Click on Run cmd on your start menu, type msconfig , go to Startup and cull any non essentials - like the suss process, the ones I named and reboot.
  3. g4mer

    g4mer TS Maniac Posts: 310

    if your antivirus cant detect it, its not a virus its a exe file located in your hard disk (probably). try looking for it in search or in temp folder. did you try to disable that process with task manager?
  4. GN48

    GN48 TS Rookie Posts: 143

    What the--??

    Damn.....how many processes to you have running. You got like as much as VISTA and 7 with minimal amount usage! XP amount isn't 50! It's more like around 20 to 30 processes not 50, damn!
  5. Archean

    Archean TechSpot Paladin Posts: 5,690   +96

    I have never seen anything like this on any windows machine ..... I'll be suspicious of it being some kind of malicious stuff ... I'd advise you to search for it find it and erase also check registery/startup for its traces and eliminate them as well.
  6. GN48

    GN48 TS Rookie Posts: 143

    Still, I'd Agree with Archean
  7. Aximilator

    Aximilator TS Rookie Posts: 63

    go into the start menu. then go under programs. and then start up. tell us what is labeled under that category. and if there are any unnecessary programs in there that you don't need then, right click and delete the shortcut and it will reduce what loads at start-up.
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