Unreadable DVD/CD

By tellarae
Jun 8, 2012
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  1. I have two old disc. One is a DVD-R, the other a CD-R. From how I labeled them, I believe them to be saved pictures and/or video. Anyway, one PC doesn't read them, it acts like one of them isn't there, the DVD-R, and for the CD-R it acts like it is reading it, but after several minutes elapse, it then says nothings there. If I stick in a disc that I know is blank, it immediately ask me what I want to do with it. I tried a CD recovery program (for CD, DVD, BLURAY), it said it found media on the CD-R, but when I go to the location it say's it's stored in is empty. When I put the DVD-R in it acts like there's no disc in the disc drive. Before I tried the CD Recovery program I tried the disc in another computer. Each of them acts like it is opening, and then a file named RECOVERY pops up. One of them started to auto run, and it warned me if I continued it could make changes to my hard drive, so I cancelled it. Anyway, both disc are labeled in my handwriting so I am positive they are pictures or video. Not sure if all is lost or not. Any idea's?
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